Ben Rogers Sermons and Lectures

The Bible and White SupremacyA Biblical Race StudSun8/16/2020
The Cross and Racial ReconciliationA Biblical Race StudSun8/9/2020
Race and the BibleA Biblical Race StudSun8/2/2020
Exposed by God's WordGods and Kings (1-2 Kings)Sun7/26/2020
3 Responses to the Word of the LordGods and Kings (1-2 Kings)Mon7/20/2020
A Kingdom DividedGods and Kings (1-2 Kings)Wed7/15/2020
Solomon's ApostasyGods and Kings (1-2 Kings)Sun7/5/2020
The End of an EraGods and Kings (1-2 Kings)Sun6/28/2020
The Temple and the MediatorGods and Kings (1-2 Kings)Sun6/21/2020
Palaces, Pillars, and God's PresenceGods and Kings (1-2 Kings)Sun6/14/2020
The Gospel of the TempleGods and Kings (1-2 Kings)Sun6/7/2020
Solomon's CamelotGods and Kings (1-2 Kings)Sun5/31/2020
The Lack, Gift, and Practice of WisdomGods and Kings (1-2 Kings)Sun5/24/2020
Establishing the KingdomGods and Kings (1-2 Kings)Sun5/17/2020
Coronation CrisisGods and Kings (1-2 Kings)Sun5/10/2020
A Dying Man to Dying Men: Peter's Last WordsA Stirring ReminderSun5/3/2020
Peter on the 2nd ComingA Stirring ReminderSun4/26/2020
False Teachers: A Character SketchA Stirring ReminderSun4/19/2020
The Mourner, the Believer, and the Skeptic Sun4/12/2020
Sir, We Wish to See Jesus Sun4/5/2020
False Teachers 101A Stirring ReminderSun3/22/2020
Is Christianity Mythology?A Stirring ReminderSun3/15/2020
What Every Christian NeedsA Stirring ReminderSun3/8/2020
The Christian's Effort, Fruitfulness, and AssuranceA Stirring ReminderSun3/1/2020
A Final Greeting Sun2/16/2020